Quarterly Recipients


Inaugural Meeting! January 10th, 2017- $11,950 donated to the Janus Youth Programs/Cowlitz County Street Youth Outreach Program for purchase of an outreach vehicle! For more information visit: http://www.JanusYouth.org

April 18th, 2017- $20,270 donated to Harlie’s Angels.  Visit their website at: http://www.HarliesAngels.com


July 18th, 2017:  Recipient chosen- Dino Doozer Foundation.  $20,500 donated.  Visit their website here: http://www.dinodoozerfoundation.org/

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October 17th, 2017:  Recipient: Laundry Love Longview. $20,800 Donated.  Visit their website at: http://www.laundrylovelongview.org



January 2018 Recipient: The Belly Brigade- $17,800- Helping feed the needy and homeless in two locations within Cowlitz County.  


Cowlitz County Habitat for Humanity- $16,800

A non-profit Christian organization dedicated to building safe, adequate and affordable housing for families in the Cowlitz County community.


Safe Kids Lower Columbia- $12,500 http://www.safekidslc.org

Since 1993, SAFE KIDS Lower Columbia has been focusing on childhood safety by working to prevent accidental injuries in children 14 years and younger.

SAFE KIDS Lower Columbia is a partnership among organizations and individuals from all walks of life–emergency personnel, law enforcement, hospitals, doctors’ offices, health departments, school districts, and many other child- and service-related groups.

Through education that’s both entertaining and interesting, we teach both children and families the importance of being safe while having fun–whether they are on the river, in the pool, in a car, doing sports, or just exploring their surroundings at home.

We take our job of educating families about safety seriously because, when it all filters down, we’re saving lives.  And those lives are the future of Cowlitz County.

October 30th, 2018:  FiSH of Cowlitz County! http://www.fishofcowlitzcounty.org $ TBD


Total donations raised for local non-profits in Lower Columbia Area – updated soon!