Quarterly Recipients


Inaugural Meeting! January 10th, 2017- $11,950 donated to the Janus Youth Programs/Cowlitz County Street Youth Outreach Program for purchase of an outreach vehicle! For more information visit: http://www.JanusYouth.org

April 18th, 2017- $20,270 donated to Harlie’s Angels.  Visit their website at: http://www.HarliesAngels.com


July 18th, 2017:  Recipient chosen- Dino Doozer Foundation.  $20,500 donated.  Visit their website here: http://www.dinodoozerfoundation.org/

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October 17th, 2017:  Recipient: Laundry Love Longview. $20,800 Donated.  Visit their website at: http://www.laundrylovelongview.org



January 2018 Recipient: The Belly Brigade- $17,800- Helping feed the needy and homeless in two locations within Cowlitz County.  


Cowlitz County Habitat for Humanity- $16,600

A non-profit Christian organization dedicated to building safe, adequate and affordable housing for families in the Cowlitz County community.

Total donations raised for local non-profits in Lower Columbia Area over $104,000!