4th Quarter Recipient Chosen

And the winner is…Laundry Love of Longview!

Tuesday night was an incredible evening of local women coming together and giving back to our Lower Columbia community. Thank you to all of you in attendance. Thank you to Feed the Need and Belly Brigade along with their volunteers for the delicious food and appetizers! And a special thank you to the Monticello Hotel for donating the space to meet in their lovely ballroom. We appreciate all of our nominating members who presented their charities that night. Our three nominations were Progress Center, Laundry Love Longview and Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Legal Aid. All 3 of these nominated charities do such wonderful work and serve our community! We all know it was a hard decision. Thank you to all who presented and congratulations to Laundry Love!

The story of Laundry Love began with T-Bone (Eric), a homeless gentleman living in Ventura, California. In one particular conversation, a question was asked of him: “T-Bone, how can we come alongside your life in a way that would matter?” His response was honest and practical. “If I had clean clothes I think people would treat me like a human being. ”We also love this quote from their local website. “Laundry Love is a modern day foot washing.” Nationally, to date, an estimated: 1,000,000 loads of laundry have been done, and over 750,000 people cared for! Laundry Love of Longview provides free laundry services to those in need- the homeless, students and economically depressed individuals and families in our Lower Columbia area. Those living in shelters, motels, cars, garages and on the streets. This happens on the third Thursday of each month at the laundromat located at 417 20th Avenue in Longview. Students can also be referred by the Longview School District and have access to a separate, monthly service. Your donation will help enhance these services to students in our local community. Laundry Love provides the laundry detergent, fabric softener, along with free access to the washers and dryers. If you would like to volunteer or learn more about their Longview program, visit the local website: and for an overview of the national program you may visit

Please send in your check!

We are now in the process of collecting the remainder of the pledged checks. There were many members unable to attend Tuesday night’s meeting, so it will take a little time to update the total donations we are paying to Laundry Love. So far we have collected $10,300! We want to give our collected funds to Laundry Love sometime in the next few weeks, but we need your promised donation to complete this quarter’s efforts. If you signed a membership agreement on paper or online and have not yet paid, please do so. Our group’s continued success depends upon your generosity!

Please write your checks to: Laundry Love Longview” for $100 or more, and mail to:

Stacy Dalgarno
627 23rd Ave
Longview, WA 98632

You may also go online and pay $104 by credit or debit card at:

***Important! If you choose to pay online you will need to donate $104 to cover the credit card processing fees. While you are there check out their super awesome apparel, jewelry, stationery and wall art. They will donate 40% of all proceeds to this quarter’s winner! The holidays are right around the corner!

We also want to thank Karinsa Holmes-Solo from the Dino Doozer Foundation, for sharing the impact of our collective donation of $20,500 from our 3rd quarterly meeting, made to their organization!

Be sure and mark your 2018 calendars for our 1st anniversary meeting! WEDNESDAY, January 17th, at the Longview-Kelso Elks Lodge!! See you then! This meeting is going to ROCK!!

3rd Quarterly, July 2017 Recipient Chosen!

On a lovely summer night, 100 Women Who Care Lower Columbia met and chose the Dino Doozer Foundation as their 3rd, quarterly recipient.  To date $12,500 has been raised for the local non profit with additional donations from members who were unable to attend coming in via mail or online!  Here is a message from the founder of the foundation:

This Foundation was started in Aug. of 2008 in Honor of a brave young man named Sherod Don Nichols. He past away Dec. 29, 2009 of NF and a Rare Childhood Cancer associated with NF.
Sherod was one of the bravest kids I’ve ever known. He had such a big heart and his wish was to help those affected by NF and Rare Childhood Cancer.
 He wanted to give kids a chance to get away from all the Hospitals and Doctors and forget for just a moment what they are up against.
   If you know of a Family who has a child with NF or Cancer please don’t wait, give us a call any time of day or night. As a mother who lost a son I know what it’s like not being able to sleep and just wishing I had someone else to talk to. I also know what it is like to want to get away from it all even for just a few hours.
  Throughout the year we host many events not only to help raise funds for families in need but to bring out awareness as well:
* Annual Golf Classic with LCTA & Dino Doozer
*A Masquerade Ball to raise funds for the Foundation
and much much more. Check out our Events page for updates on up and coming Events.
This past year we were able to reach our goal of sending 9 children to Camp New Friends in Virginia.
Without your help & support this wouldn’t have been possible and we are forever grateful!
  Please remember you are not alone and we are here to help in any way we can.
Thank You,
     Sherods Mom
Dino Doozer Foundation
Karinsa Holmes-Solo
504 W Main
Kelso, WA 98626
(360) 270-2788

2nd, Quarterly Recipient Chosen


The votes came in and the non-profit, Harlie’s Angels,  was the recipient of the donations for our 2nd quarterly meeting.  $14,070 was collected in one hour. More funds are expected from members who were unable to attend the meeting.

Here is touching information about their mission:


Harlie Jeanee DesArmo was born on April 2, 1998 and arrived in heaven on August 19,2013.  Harlie had an attitude that she could accomplish anything she set out to do. She had a great work ethic and an awesome love for adventure. Harlie was full of energy and always had a smile on her face. She was a four-sport athlete competing and earning her Varsity letter in Volleyball, Basketball and Track. Harlie also competed on an elite softball team in the summers. Harlie was on track to complete her Associates degree by the time her high school graduation rolled around. She had many goals she wanted to accomplish in her career including being an art teacher for special education students, child psychologist, journalist and for fun she wanted to take a trip to Africa and count how many spots giraffes have. Harlie loved the Lord and told everyone in her path about his love. She had just completed her first mission trip and she was actively involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes in our community.

On August 19, 2013, Harlie and her sister Courtney were walking right outside our driveway when they were both hit by a car. Courtney was hit first and the car crushed the left side of her body and she was thrown into a ditch. When Harlie was hit, the impact of the car, took her life immediately.  The catastrophic events of that night were ruled accidental. Instead of taking the pain of losing one child and almost crippling our second child, we have chosen to follow God’s plan for our lives.

We began helping our small community of Castle Rock,  that Christmas by doing toy drives in Harlie’s honor. We did this for two years before we decided that we have a bigger mission. We want to tell Harlie’s story of love and faith to everyone who will listen. We began making comfort bags for the children going into foster care. Each bag contains a teddy bear, blanket, a book, underwear, socks and a pair of pj’s. Last year we gave out 200 bags to the Department of Social Services to help the children in need. We also took on a construction project at the end of the year which changed our vision a little. More and more people have wanted to donate to our vision. So, with support from our friends and family, we have taken the step to make Harlie’s Angels more than just a small community give back program. We applied for our Non-Profit status and we are proud to say that Harlie’s Angels is ready to serve the children and adults in need. We want everyone to know of the love that our Lord feels for them.

Congratulations to Harlie’s Angels!

100 Women Who Care already making a huge impact in Lower Columbia Community!

The inaugural meeting for 100 Women Who Care- Lower Columbia Chapter was held on January 10, 2017 at the Longview Country Club.  $11,850 was raised for the non-profit that they group voted on and selected that evening.  Janus Youth Programs / Cowlitz County Homeless Youth Outreach had earmarked the funds to purchase an outreach vehicle for their local Cowlitz County program.  Good news!  They have purchased a vehicle and can now reach out to and get supplies to the homeless youth in the rural areas in our community!  They are very thankful for the 100 Women Who Care donation and we are so proud of the ladies in our community who are a part of our chapter!  Well done!!



Lower Columbia Chapter votes and chooses recipient at inaugural meeting!


The recipient that our group chose at our January 10th inaugural meeting is Janus Youth Programs. Funds will be directed and used in our local area to benefit the Cowlitz County Street Outreach. They have partnered with Housing Opportunities of SW Washington (HOSWWA) and are actively involved in trying to expand the services available to homeless youth in Cowlitz County. Their outreach program started in October 2016. There are many challenges facing this population including lack of shelter and safe, affordable housing. This street outreach program is similar to the Yellow Brick Road Washington program based in Clark County, with services located in the Kelso/Longview area. Professional staff initiate contact with vulnerable, homeless youth and connect them to local resources, referral and crisis services. The funds will be earmarked to purchase an outreach vehicle for the Cowlitz County program and any remaining funds will be used for Cowlitz County services only. Thank you to all who attended our first meeting and your donations to date are $8.350! Members unable to attend or didn’t have their check book last night should mail their money order or check payable to Janus Youth Programs to Stacy Dalgarno! e-mail to follow. We should be able to reach our goal of a $10,000 + donation. We have 120 members at this point! Thank you for your support! Congratulations ladies!